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Research Articles

10 May 2024

Printed Electronics in Electrified and Autonomous Mobility

Electrification, autonomy, and vehicle ownership saturation are causing a technological revolution in the automotive sector. These automotive meta-trends are driving drastic changes in electronic component requirements and present a high-volume opportunity for printed electronics to capitalize on.
09 May 2024

Sodium-Ion Insights: Industry's Key Queries

Sodium-ion batteries are beginning to become increasingly relevant in 2024 after many mass production announcements were made in 2023. OEMs may look to alternative chemistries to reduce reliance on critical minerals with potentially volatile supply chains. NMC(A) batteries are currently the leading battery chemistry in Europe and the UK, while LFP dominates in China.
08 May 2024

Webinar - Manufacturing MOFs for Emerging Carbon Capture Applications

Thursday 23 May 2024 - An overview of metal-organic frameworks and their emerging applications; Scaling MOF production for industrial applications; Considerations of production cost and selling price of MOFs; Examples of MOF-based point source carbon capture and direct air capture solutions and comparisons with incumbent technology; Outlook for MOFs in carbon capture including opportunities and challenges
08 May 2024

IDTechEx Report: Illuminating the Future of Lidar in Automotive

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, sensor technologies have emerged as a pivotal force driving innovations in the automotive industry. Among these, three-dimensional (3D) Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) stands out, offering precise mapping capabilities through laser-based remote sensing.
07 May 2024

High-Tech Glass and Gaming - IDTechEx Explores Automotive Displays

Could video games and online shopping be possible while the car is on the move? Automotive displays, a market set to be worth US$27 billion by 2034, are a large feature within a vehicle and can act as a hub point for controls and information.
07 May 2024

Photonic Integrated Circuits Market to Be Worth Over US$20B by 2034

The Silicon Photonics and PICs market is experiencing robust growth, driven by the surge in AI and datacom transceiver demand. Key players in the industry, such as Intel, Coherent, and Infinera, are actively using PICs within their transceivers.
06 May 2024

Webinar: Exploring the World of Li-ion Battery Technology Advancements

Wednesday 15 May 2024 - Next generation anode materials such as silicon, lithium and anode-free designs; Innovations in cathode active materials and their manufacture; Important cell and pack design changes and trends; Key cost and resource consideration from advanced Li-ion battery chemistries; IDTechEx's outlook for advanced Li-ion technology
06 May 2024

Solar EV Charging to Bypass the Grid: A US$2.5 Billion Market by 2034

Electrification of cars, buses, and trucks drastically reduces CO2 emissions at the point of use compared to a diesel or petrol alternative. The adoption of EVs across all sectors, with IDTechEx predicting over 180 million electric vehicles to be sold annually by 2044. This will contribute to a drastic reduction in tailpipe emissions.
03 May 2024

Webinar - 3D/Additive Electronics: New Methods for New Applications?

Thursday 16 May 2024 - An overview of 3D electronics including electronics on 3D surfaces, in-mold electronics and fully additive electronics; Technology benchmarking on conventional and emerging metallization methods; Discussion of the status, challenges and opportunities across the whole 3D electronics industry; Market opportunities and outlook
03 May 2024

Seat Occupancy Sensors & Gaming - Exploring Printed & Flexible Sensors

Sensors act as a middle ground between the physical and digital. They measure all sorts of variables from touch, temperature, and heart rate across many different sectors, which IDTechEx's report "Printed and Flexible Sensors 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Markets" explores in detail. As technology continues to become streamlined and autonomous, there is a great demand for multi-functionality and seamlessness, meaning a high demand for sensors that can be printed and applied to flexible surfaces. IDTechEx explores the main sectors where this technology is in most demand.
03 May 2024

Zero-Emission Trucks - IDTechEx Explores Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks

Fresh city air and guilt-free online shopping could be two benefits of electric and fuel cell trucks. With the growth of environmental awareness and the hydrogen economy, zero- and low-emission trucks could see larger-scale adoption over the next decade.
02 May 2024

Talking Cars - IDTechEx Explores Software-Defined Vehicles

In-car payments and cars that communicate are becoming possible with software-defined vehicles (SDVs), enhancing experiences within the car. Cars are becoming not just a means to travel but a base that uses smart qualities to integrate work and lifestyle into the vehicle.